Sweet Kiss of Distraction has been published. It is a fantasy erotic short story of about 3800 words with a M/M pairing.

This story features the pair, Lianal and Samouru, from Saltwater Conjurer. Their story is a little open-ended with a lot of space for potential in their future, sort of like Bradd and Cerci from Thawing Off, so it lets me go back and add depth to the characters and their relationship a little at time.

I actually wrote an entirely different beginning and had two versions of what was supposed to be the same story going on at the same time with two different perspectives. When I finally made a choice and tossed the other beginning, the story flowed out far easier. Plus, the other version had aspects of dialogue and internal thoughts that were starting to seem suspiciously whiny and obnoxious, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

<3 Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there <3

Next Sunday, May 18th: The Muddy Layers of Love (fantasy, short story, m/f) – He dragged her down, refusing to release her.