Marks of the Protector (Part 1 of 2) has been published. A fantasy novelette of about 8900 total words with a M/F pairing. Part 1 is approximately 4700 words. It can be found below and under the new Serial page.

I have a massive love/hate relationship with this story. I say love because that’s the only explanation for why I even finished it in the first place. I say hate because I literally couldn’t get it to work. I mean, I started it three distinct different times, wrote 4000-6000 words that went straight into the trash, and then had to deal with it deciding to explode past the length I’d been planning.

I should have just tossed the idea, but for some reason my brain was focused in on the challenge of wrangling this idea into being and wouldn’t let it go. So, after problems with story conflict, too many characters, nonexistent character conflict and emotional development, I finally decided to switch POVs, figuring if it didn’t work this time I’d just let it go and move on. I say that now, but I probably would have kept going until it was done because that’s what I had been doing.

Shifting the POV to Garon ended up making all the difference because, as I discovered, it was his story to begin with.

Next Sunday, Apr 13th: Marks of the Protector (Part 2 of 2).