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Are you a grammar nazi?

Not even remotely. In fact, particularly online, I really don’t care where your commas are, whether you use the Oxford comma, or whether you use the correct form of its/it’s or your/you’re.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you’re entire post is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, I might judge you. A little.

But we’ve all been there, writing too fast, skimming the words, completely missing something we’ve written. It’s why we edit. It’s why we read through our work over and over again. It’s why we have copy editors as a profession. It’s not like you’re going to hire a copy editor for your blog or your social media status. I’m not one to mock.

Just recently I was editing something and found that I’d written “view” instead of “few.” I’m constantly finding mistakes like that in my own work so I can’t really be cruel to someone else.

That being said…

The one rule that reeaallly grates when I hear it/see it, is the who/that one. People are WHOS (like the WHOS in WHOVILLE), not THATS. We are People, not objects. People WHO do things. Very important :P