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Emmi Lawrence

There sailed the seas a maddened thing, called a ship of dreams

brought forth to life, by timeless strife,

to begin its reign through the Serene


On a current of its making, The Narwhal grew in fame,

its power vast, its nets it cast

to brandish magic before it waned


With riches bulked within her holds, and Xanick at her helm,

she sought a port, the hidden sort,

to unload spoils that overwhelmed


Then one day long The Narwhal fought, a battle none could win

Broken in half, its decks collapsed,

while within its bowels the great beast grinned


And the current of The Narwhal, lodged beneath the arch,

too white to see, too tight to free,

yet across the mast the gryphons march

This is a teaser song for the novel Lost Isle: The Ocean’s Aviary I. This is the fuller version of the song mentioned in the novel that talks of the myth of Captain Xanick and the current he was able to control.

Lost Isle is available for Pre-order on Amazon here!