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Announcing a new short novel, sequel to Those Bloody Christmas Elves!

dark holiday adventure/gay romance

Coming Dec 15 2020

Where the angels creep and the snowmen feed…none survive.

It’s Christmas once again and Taylor Yeristan is on the prowl, searching for any devilish elves who might be infiltrating his town with their child-thieving intentions. Only, Christmas seems to be peaceful this year, with no indication the elves have returned.

At least not to this town.

He begins to think he should have left, chased the elves to their new hunting ground instead of remaining with Greg Westmill and his half-pint daughter, Mandy, for the selfish reason of desiring a permanent relationship. He can’t shake the guilt that he has condemned other children all for the sake of his own comfort.

Then an angel flexes her powdery wings. The snowmen begin to gather. For a white Christmas is on its way with all its deadly beauty.

This is a gay fantasy romance, sequel to Those Bloody Christmas Elves.

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Chapter One will be posted next week!