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Let’s be honest here: I chose this question because it instantly reminded me of the Trapped Together trope.

There’s a few common ones. There’s the stuck inside in a snowstorm and oh, we need to snuggle to keep warm. There’s also the prison/jail one. The stuck with one another during a zombie apocalypse. The deserted island one I’m kind of partial to.

There’s just something magical about it, isn’t there? Falling in love with someone in a whirlwind of never being able to leave their side.

Except, I’ve seen this show on Big Brother and there isn’t anything magical about having someone turning their back while you’re attempting to go to the bathroom while having performance anxiety. Especially if you have trouble with people hearing anything at all hit the toilet bowl. Lovely.

And what happens if you aren’t right and left handed, coincidentally? If you’ve both right handed and one of you loses their dominant hand for 24 hours?

I guess, if I had to choose, I would probably choose a baby. Sounds awful at first glance, but then at second glance, I can just lug the baby around, won’t get embarrassed about normal bodily functions and while it might be annoying, it wouldn’t be nearly as annoying as having to compromise.

Which makes this a horrible answer, doesn’t it? I’m basically admitting to wanting COMPLETE CONTROL (MHAHAHAHA) during that 24 hours.

If I couldn’t borrow someone’s baby for this endeavor, well then, I guess I’d pick my partner. I would probably end up watching a lot of YouTube I didn’t want to see. That and the potential of having to deal with a long, not very fun bathroom break, will likely be the worst of it. (As long as I get my right hand because otherwise sleeping on our own sides of the bed will be impossible.)

Guess there’s something to be said about being chained to someone you love :)

I also need to come up with more trapped together scenarios, because there must be more fun ones to play with.