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Or do you use your library? I certainly do. I wouldn’t be able to afford my reading habit otherwise.

I think the prices on books is fair given how long it takes to write a novel and how much an author puts into their work, but it takes far less time to read a novel than it takes to write one, which means we need a higher supply than what my wallet can afford.

I don’t browse in libraries. Or at least, rarely will I.

Mostly, I’ll see a book I want to read, write the title down, then look it up on my library’s search engine and just put in a request. Then I’ll only have to stop into the physical library once my book(s) are on hold.

Nowadays it’s gotten even easier. Don’t even have to get out of my car because my library has created a literal drive-through for book-pickup/drop-off. I just book an approximate appointment time, drive up and give my name and get handed a big ol’ bag filled with my already checked-out requests. It’s seamless, takes less than 30 seconds, and means I don’t have to see or talk to anyone inside the library (there’s probably a detriment there in terms of socially isolating myself, but during COVID that’s a blessing).

As to the actual answer to the question of how often I’ll use the library… All the time. I have a special “library bookshelf” next to my front door that is never, ever empty.