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There’s a ton of nursery rhymes about boys, right. And even a few about men. But no, my favorite one is about a lady:

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
And she shall have music wherever she goes

I want to write a story using this as my base inspiration. I’ve even brainstormed it a bit, things like gender-bending the lady, altering her actual importance in the rhyme, etc., yet I haven’t quite come up with something I like yet. Nothing that really hits on the music theme and the ability to get it all into a story without it being too far on the side of corny.

And magic. There needs to be a magical element and though I have ideas, not a one of them are any good thus far. This is one of those ‘one-day-maybe’ ideas that might never get priority.