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Stakes drew high, cards shimmering with a hint of astral magic, a threat of eternal servitude hovering within the betting pool.

Tempted I was, to fold, to walk away from that terrible risk, but the cards winked, one queen gesturing frantically, so I stayed, and when we revealed, I got the satisfaction of wiping that smug smile off his face – not just there at the table, but later too, when I showed him other, more sensual, moves.


Image by Whiley Dunsmore

Originally, I thought it fitting to end my first year of doing these two line stories on this one since it would have been my 52nd. It’s not, quite, since I skipped a few. I have them still, but some of them I couldn’t find artists or good links and I really don’t want to be posting a lot of pictures I obviously don’t own copyright to or have license to use.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my tiny stories. Here’s to next year and more stories about fantastical things and wonderful men! Happy new year to you and yours and I hope all your dreams come true <3