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I saw you in the shape of the stars, in the breath of the god across the heavens.

You winked at me, from far away, and though it took you decades, you arrived on my world exactly when I needed you most.


Bright Night Sky by QAuZ

I hope everyone is having a mild season of gentle weather and open windows! We’ve reached that place where star gazing isn’t quite so intensely freezing where I am, that season where my cat would like nothing more than to go outside and eat poisonous things and lawn mowers have been brushed off and set to singing whenever it’s not wet!

Been reading more sci-fi lately, so this particular picture called to me. Starry nightscapes have a calming effect for me (and maybe for you!) and I’m drawn to them when hectic life feels like one interruption after the other.

What would your two line story be?