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He took his morning tea outside, sipping slow and signing to his neighbor.

Days that marked only the first of many years of his sentence were spent contemplating how to bridge the gap between their cells so he might taste lips against his and feel flesh once more.


Image by Alexandr Melentiev

This is the first of what I’m doing this year from now on. I wanted to get back to weekly posting, but could not keep up with the short story output, so instead I’m doing…

Two Line Stories! XD

Yeah, it’s a lot less content than my full short stories or poems, but these will come with links to pretty pictures that I used as prompts, so you’ll be able to put a visual with the story to get a better emotive feel! Plus, shorter writing won’t take nearly as much time away from my novel writing :)

Aaand you can play along with me!

Using the image as a prompt, you can jot down your own two-liner in the comments, or even just whatever comes to mind. Or use it as inspiration for one of your own projects if you have any :)

I’d love to read whatever you come up with!