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These stairs we climb
their metal aging
beyond the clouds
we walk forlorn
In our own world
our trust is fading
yet hope still lives
we might return

One day we’ll find
the road leads nowhere
the steps below
overgrown and worn
Temptation calls
and if we answer
no hope’ll remain
of our return

Tear down the rose
the petals shower
on years gone past
to dull the thorns
We reach the edge
of the endless tower
so hope breathes for
our safe return

There worlds unfold
each one created
by whom came first
who’d then discerned
to shape the world
of their desires
If hope holds true
we won’t return

~ ~ ~

I originally wrote this from a picture prompt while using the song Fare Thee Well, Northumberland as the rhythm, so maybe this is more of a song than a poem.