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I guess an early Merry Christmas is in store because it’s Publication Day for Those Bloody Christmas Elves! Available now for $2.99.

As always, here are a few tidbits about the writing of. This story is just shy of 40k so there isn’t quite as much about it as there are others, but here goes…

1.  Origins :)

Obviously this story came directly from wanting a holiday idea. It had to be contemporary, of course, but I wanted to do something different, something you didn’t see much of but that also included fantastical elements. Thus all the typical Christmas magic comes into play, but turned on its head so I could have an actual antagonist.

Please note: I am not against Christmas or lying to your kids about Santa. I do it myself :) I just thought it would be fun to mess with the idea.

2. Rebuilding

This story started out as 1st person to be written solely in Taylor’s POV. He’s pretty much against Christmas for some pretty understandable reasons, but that makes his beginning POV seem a little harsh despite all the good he’s attempting to do.

Because of that, and because I came up with a twist that required Greg’s POV, I did an overhaul of the beginning, altering the tense from 1st to 3rd and adding alternating chapters from Greg’s POV. This also allowed me to explain things smoother since Greg was the ignorant one who needed to ask the questions.

3. Search History

Yes, I now know how to make home-made smoke bombs and caltrops. This knowledge will likely never come in handy XD

4. Secret Scene!

So I had this scene I really wanted to write. A tiny one that would deal with an issue Greg has to handle on his own. Thing was, it didn’t truly fit into the narrative, wasn’t part of the romance and stood beyond the adventure aspect. So you got a secret scene at the end of this book because I wanted to write it anyway. :) Make sure you go past all the back matter to find it!

5. It’s Not Over Yet!

This is technically the first of three holiday stories. The plan is to write and publish the following two stories about Taylor and Greg in 2018 (Rise of the Snowmen) and 2019 (Christmas is Cancelled).

Because Santa isn’t happy…