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What have I been up to this past month, you ask?

Just getting into the holiday spirit!


Taylor Yeristan has been at war with Santa’s nefarious helpers for over a decade. To him, kindergartner Mandy Westmill is merely one more kidnapped child in need of his help, and her father, Greg, just one more distraught parent to comfort and cajole into heading off to the police, far from the real battle.

Only, Taylor doesn’t reckon with Greg’s unflinching determination or his refusal to leave Taylor’s side until Mandy is safe. Nor does Taylor anticipate the fierce desire Greg’s intensity sparks. For he’s been battling the lies of Christmas alone for so long that opening himself to a potential partner is a vastly seductive idea.

Yet, allowing Greg to help comes with a risk, for he has a stake in this war now, one that compromises him heavily. But it’ll be Taylor who pays the ultimate price for their desires.


Cover designed by Perie Wolford


Those Bloody Christmas Elves is coming November 14th.
You can Pre-Order it now.
If you’re on my ARC Team you shall be getting your link ~Nov. 7th.


Also, Happy Halloween!

My kids are stocked up on enough candy to put them into a coma. So many horrifying clowns out this year :) And a few Captain Americas, though there was a dearth of Iron Man’s. I don’t blame them–the Captain is my favorite too ;)