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This month I’m spending the first two weeks writing on that ‘somewhat secret’ project I mentioned last week. I’m not very good at keeping secrets though, so be prepared to get into the holiday spirit a little early next month :)

As for the teasers for today, these are a few I posted last month while writing Storm Dancer (Living Metal I). Now, be aware, I altered a few lines so they could be read and understood independently since I wasn’t posting character names. However, Storm Dancer was written in 3rd POV and was most definitely about two men named Oskar and Cristofer (despite me having a female pronoun in one of these teasers).

That’s one of the challenges when writing about two men in 3rd–you have to be a little more careful with your he/him/his pronouns so everyone knows which man is doing the touching and which is doing the groaning, etc, etc, etc… XD

May the autumn flu skip over your household and your willpower stay strong in the coming whirlwind of candy :)