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June accomplishments:

1) Created Newsletter

It finally happened. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long while, but I admit to being technologically challenged so it took me time to figure out how to create one.

However, it’s here now!

And since I don’t plan on waxing on about myself in a newsletter, I’ve set it up so anyone who subscribes will have the option to choose whether they’ll receive New Release Alerts, Sales & Promo opportunities and/or join my ARC Team.

I would love it if you joined my ARC Team so please consider helping me out!

2) Wrote in Pup Games (A Houndmaster Novella)

This has been what I spent the bulk of the month on. I started this story two years ago, back when I was knee-deep in that A-Z challenge for The Wilds Duology and came back to it in June because I wanted to publish a completed houndmaster story. Pup Games was actually almost done this month until I decided I wanted to add, oh, two more chapters or so to flesh out a section I’d originally been going to gloss over.

It’s a story about La’vii, a young houndmaster hailing from the marshes to the east of the city of Crafton. Special appearances by an annoying brother, Cha’ree (Ni’vaa’s sister), and puppies!

Here’s the first paragraph:

The first time I saw Co’mil he’d been schooling my brother on the sands of a doghouse. He won that fight with only three dogs, one of whom had been gravely pregnant and had mostly just stood growling on the sidelines. My brother, a good seven years older than me with a pack of nine, had been left embarrassed, bloody and bitter in the center of the sands. I’d been left hard and gaping, my gaze locked on Co’mil’s wry expression as he shared a loving, celebratory kiss with one of his dogs.

In early 2018, you’ll be able to follow La’vii’s journey as one of his dogs gives birth in close proximity to his puphood crush and watch as his youthful adoration dissolves into something different.

3) Ari’s Tour

As you can see, I’m falling down a bit on this challenge. I have to delete a whole section because I decided I hate it and deleting whole pieces like that always sparks the desire to write in something entirely different. Which is why Pup Games is almost finished.

More words to write. Will update you again in July :)