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For the month of May I participated in a twitter game called #WIPTruthOrDare for Lost Isle: The Ocean’s Aviary I, though many of the questions had less to do with the novel. On each day there were two options, a truth or a dare, so I made sure to show which I chose for each day. I did skip a few days where both the truth and dare didn’t correlate with my novel much.

Day 1 Truth: What is your current word count for Lost Isle?

Day 2 Dare: Write a pitch line for your WIP.

Day 3 Truth: Have you murdered anyone in Lost Isle?

Day 4 Truth: Do you have any characters based on a real person?

Day 5 Dare: What is the first line of Lost Isle?

Day 6 Truth: How many cups of coffee have you had today so far?

Day 7 Dare: Shave a character’s head.

Day 8 Truth: Which of the characters in Lost Isle would you date?

Day 10 Dare: What would your Main Character say to you if he could?

Day 11 Truth: When did you start Lost Isle?

Day 12 Truth: What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to a character?

Day 13 Truth: On a scale of 1-10, how much does your MC love their life right now?

Day 14 Dare: Make up a word for your WIP.
Truth: What color shoes is your MC wearing?

Day 15 Truth: How many words have you written today?

Day 16 Truth: Would you rather…?
1. Write at 5 am without coffee.
2. Write ALL night.
3. Surf and add books to your TBR pile.

Day 17 Truth: How are you planning on publishing?

Day 18 Truth: How many characters die in your WIP?

Day 20 Dare: Make your MC get hurt!

Day 21 Truth: Has your MC ever had a one-night stand?
Dare: Share your favorite line from your WIP.

Day 22 Truth: Where does your WIP take place?

Day 23 Truth: Who is better at following directions, you or your MC?

Day 25 Truth: Do any of your characters have tattoos?

Day 26 Truth: What’s your MC’s worst habit?

Day 27 Truth: How many characters are in your WIP?

Day 29 was just to follow 10 people :)

Day 30 Dare: Make your character swear.