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The Plan

Hey everyone! Bridle the Unicorn’s publication date is set for July 28th, but before my novels come out I always like to publish some free promotional pieces to whet your appetite. In this case, I wanted to come up with something that even those of you who have read the story might still enjoy!

Anyone who followed along last year knows there were a number of times I really—really—wanted to write some of the story from Ari’s point of view, but was unable to because of spoiler city in his mind. So! As a way to let me finally play around in his point of view I came up with an idea that intermixes writing in Ari’s mind with an introduction to the apartment building inside which most of the story takes place.

I call it: Ari’s Tour.

The Setting

The beginning of the novel opens with poor Ari incorporeal and unable to find his way back into his body, thus seeking out Roan’s help. So I’ve been writing about Ari’s awful experiences as he floats around, getting tossed outside the building four stories up, finding himself looking at the inside of toilet bowls and altogether discovering secrets about his neighbors that he really, truly did not want to know.

The Purpose

The pieces to Ari’s Tour aren’t long, more like bite-sized snippets broken down based around whose room he’s passing through. In this way you’ll get a pseudo-introduction to all the people living in Roan and Ari’s apartment building, many of whom play parts in the novel to some extent. They are mostly asleep though, since it is three in the morning on a Thursday.

Promotional Schedule

5/25          Roan’s Interview (Since, you know, it is technically his story)

5/30          Ari’s interview (In which he takes over)

6/1            Ari’s Tour: 4A—Ari Nix and How It All Began

6/6            Ari’s Tour: 4C—Mrs. Jameson and her African Violets

6/8            Ari’s Tour: 4B—Jasmine Leit and her Collection of High Heels

6/13          Ari’s Tour: The Rooftop Garden and the Terror of Heights

6/15          Ari’s Tour: 4D—Morgan Liu and her Obsession with Fairy Tales

6/20          Ari’s Tour: 3D—The Nurses and Too Many Beach Paintings

6/22          Ari’s Tour: 2D—Annabelle and the Broken Thermostat

6/27          Ari’s Tour: 1D—The Three Straight Guys

6/29          Ari’s Tour: 1B—The Wagners and the Box

7/4            Ari’s Tour: 1A—The Manager

7/6            Ari’s Tour: 1C—Chase Deljin and his Wishful Thinking

7/11          Ari’s Tour: 2C, the Impossible Room

7/13          Ari’s Tour: 3C—Jeni and the Odd Eclairs

7/18          Ari’s Tour: 3B—The Kings and Chloe’s Tower of Babble

7/20          Ari’s Tour: 2B—The Artist and the Broken Vials

7/25          Ari’s Tour: 2A—Abel Rushing and his Exquisite Penmanship

7/27          Ari’s Tour: 3A—Roan Baylor and The Never-Ending Song

7/28          Bridle the Unicorn Published!

I’ve hidden hints throughout Ari’s Tour that speak to mysteries not solved until the end of Bridle the Unicorn, so if you notice them, no spoilers in the comments!

I’m considering this to be a bit of a challenge for me as well given Ari’s Tour isn’t quite finished, but getting there.

Bridle the Unicorn is on pre-order now for only $0.99.