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In April I participated in a twitter challenge to celebrate a current WIP. The book I used was Lost Isle: The Ocean’s Aviary I, which will be published in December 2017. Gay fantasy romance, as per the norm. I thought I’d gather the answers to all the questions here as teasers for the novel :)

Just as a quick additional announcement, I’m adding 2-3 more monthly posts on my blog. The second Sunday will have a post similar to this one serving as a collection/teaser. The third Sunday will be a publication of a short poem. And there’s the possibility of me adding a fourth post at the end of each month that will serve as an update to let everyone know what I’ve accomplished for that month and where I am in different projects.

None of these are time-intensive so they will not interrupt my writing schedule, but will hopefully give more information to you on a regular basis to remove spotty updates.

Day 1: Introduce your WIP!

Day 2: Describe your main character.

Day 3: Share a visual that goes with Lost Isle.

Day 4: Share a song that inspires you for Lost Isle.

Day 5: Share a line of description.

Day 6: Name something in Lost Isle for each of the five senses.

Day 7: If your story was represented by one item, what would it be?

Day 8: If you like __, you’ll like my book!

Day 9: Character Takeover
Main Character: Most awkward memory?

Day 10: Character Takeover
Antagonist: Happiest memory?

Day 11: Character Takeover
Side Character: What’s the most pain you’ve felt?

Day 12: Character Takeover
Main Character: Share a line about food.

Day 13: Character Takeover
Antagonist: What’s your deepest regret?

Day 14: Character Takeover
Side Character: What gives you joy in life?

Day 15: Character Takeover
Main Character: Your favorite music?

I seem to have skipped day 16…

Day 17: What was the first thing you knew about your story’s world?

Day 18: Story location you’d most like to visit?

Day 19: Share a line that displays your world.

Day 20: Three unique elements of your world.

Day 21: Do you have a history for your world?

Day 22: If you could bring one element into reality, what would it be?

Day 23: Share a piece of advice that has helped your writing.

Day 24: Are you a plotter, pantser or hybrid?

Day 25: Link day!

Day 26: Share a line that makes you smile.

Day 27: Share something encouraging every writer needs to hear.

Day 28: Share some authors whose books your readers might like.

Day 29: What do you post most and where?

Day 30: Explain your WIP in 10 words or less!