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This is a teaser for my new book, Murder in Colora gay romance/fantasy/mystery novel of about 100k words. The Execution of Caliaso Mivalo provides some backstory about a situation that happens prior to the novel’s beginning by about four years. Four of the characters listed below in the reports have parts in Murder in Color: Havai Fabriol, Dana Gravaldo, Arman Omisto and Jevette Tunalti.

Every aspect of the desert served a purpose. Even a mirage, by giving hope to those lost and longing so they have reason to take another step forward.

The Execution of Caliaso Mivalo


Nerio, Rasieri

Specifics of Deceased:
DaSunder Native, Male, 43

Residence of Deceased:
25 Il Alneri St.


Place of Occurrence:
Il Alneri St., approx. 32 m. off corner of Il Alneri St. & Il Perloma St.

Station & Beat:
Hangbody, 63

Officers First on Scene:
Suso, Emeri
Fabriol, Havai

Medical Examiner:
Gravaldo, Dana

Nerio was found partially buried in the street, two gunshot wounds to his torso. Witness statements pending. Possible gang involvement.

Reporting Detectives:
Omisto, Arman
Tunalti, Jevette


Type of Incident:
Assault & Battery with Intent to Kill

Reporting Officer:
Tunalti, Jevette; Detective; Hangbody Station

Persons Involved:
Omisto, Arman; Hangbody Station; DaSunder Native, Male, 30
Bernavi, Ginnia; Hangbody Station; DaSunder Native, Female, 22
Salvatorio, Desi; Hangbody Station; DaSunder Native, Male, 19

Mivalo, Caliaso; DaSunder Native, Male, 27

Incident Location:
Il Coperlo St.


On the morning of 29-7, Detective Omisto and I, accompanied by Officers Bernavi and Salvatorio, traveled to Il Coperlo St. We arrived at the end of the street shortly before third chime. There, we paid two local children to watch the horses and continued on foot because of the short width and closed-in nature of Il Coperlo St.

Upon reaching the residence of Caliaso Mivalo, Omisto ordered Bernavi and Salvatorio to remain outside while he and I entered and conducted our interview. After entering the residence, I observed Mivalo to be under the influence—he was agitated, belligerent, had several scars upon his arm resembling needle marks and two recent bruises. His residence was cluttered, mostly with clothing and sand, though I observed a cache of empty syringes shoved partially under a pile of cushions on the ground.

Omisto took point on the interview, tactically backing off each time Mivalo refused to answer a question concerning his knowledge of Rasieri Nerio’s death. Once I took control of the interview, demanding Mivalo’s whereabouts during the time of the Nerio murder, Mivalo became violent—he threw one of his chairs into the wall and slammed his fist into his table in a threatening manner.

At this point, I asked him whether he’d known his sister, Pemela, had planned on murdering Nerio. This prompted a confession-type response where Mivalo indirectly admitted his guilt in Nerio’s death while stating Pemela had nothing to do with that murder. Direct quotes of his during his response: “She wasn’t even there” and “I’d never let her witness something like that.” When I pressed further, he shouted, “If you even think about going near Pemela, I’ll kill you too.”

Omisto and I then attempted to take Mivalo into custody, but he tossed an urn from a shelf along the back wall that broke and released a toxic amount of a powdered drug that we have now identified as scorpion’s kiss. Omisto and I fell back and covered our faces until the powder settled somewhat before following Mivalo into one of the two back rooms of the residence.

We deduced that Mivalo escaped out the window of his bedroom. When I moved to give chase, Omisto heavily suggested that, in light of Mivalo’s confession, we should fetch backup before searching for him. I agreed.

Note: Witnesses will attest to a loud argument. This is true, but ultimately, as senior, it was my decision to not give chase to Caliaso Mivalo at this point.

After searching Mivalo’s residence, we left, ordering Officers Salvatorio and Bernavi to go on ahead and secure the horses while Omisto and I double-checked the outside of Mivalo’s residence for the direction in which he had gone. Based on our observations and a quick witness statement from a young lady who had been in the alley hanging laundry, Mivalo had traveled south away from Il Coperlo St.

Omisto and I then moved to catch up to Salvatorio and Bernavi. I caught a glimpse of Bernavi before she disappeared around a building along one of the street curves. Upon arriving where we’d previously left the horses, Omisto went first. He paused under the archway, his body partway under the portico of the restaurant located there, and then I witnessed him go for his sword. He dropped from a blow to his head. Immediately after, Mivalo stepped around the corner swinging what looked like an iron-tipped fencepost. There was approximately half a meter between us and I judged the fencepost to be at least half again as long.

Mivalo threw the post. I lifted an arm to block the blow. The fencepost smacked against my arm and glanced off the top of my head before bouncing toward the wall to my right. Mivalo attacked with a short blade while I was blocking the fencepost. I dodged to the left and hit the building’s wall with my shoulder. The blade cut through my neck and traveled downward until it hit my collarbone.

We then struggled for control over Mivalo’s blade. He used his body to force the blade toward my throat. I was unable to free myself from between the wall and Mivalo’s weight.

There was a gunshot. Mivalo flinched and his body relaxed off his blade. At this point, I noted blood seeping down his right shoulder and suspected that the bullet had gone in through his shoulder and may have been caught by his ribcage. I punched Mivalo’s right shoulder. He stumbled to one knee. I was then able to pull free my gun and subdue Mivalo.

After binding Mivalo, I checked on Omisto—breathing, but unconscious and his head bleeding profusely—and then Salvatorio—his throat was slit and he had no pulse—and then Bernavi, who had multiple knife wounds to her torso and lay with her gun outstretched before her. Her blood trail through the sand indicated she had crawled away from Salvatorio in order to assist me. I applied pressure to her wounds, cleaned and wrapped them as best I could using the medical bag from my horse’s saddlebag.

I also offered the children three times as many coin to run to the station, but a woman I presumed to be their mother intervened and ushered them back into their house. Bernavi expired in my arms as I attempted to drag her to my horse. At this point, the woman returned from her home and assisted both myself and Omisto before traveling to the station herself to fetch help.

By the time backup arrived, Omisto had regained consciousness and we had shifted the bound Mivalo, as well as Bernavi and Salvatorio’s bodies to a more defensible position under the archway of the restaurant.


Name of Condemned:
Mivalo, Caliaso
DaSunder Native, Male, 27

Convicted Crim(s):
Murder [Nerio, Rasieri]
Murder [Salvatorio, Desi]
Murder [Bernavi, Ginnia]
Assaulting an Officer [Omisto, Arman]
Assaulting an Officer [Tunalti, Jevette]

Execution Signed off By:
Lavett Acasto

Corporeal Advocate & His/Her Relationship to Condemned:
Pemelo Mivalo; Sister

Hangbody Station, 49 Il Sasalluri St.

Time & Date:
First Chime, 32-7 in the year 4202

Tunalti, Jevette

Overseen By:
Chief Mulio Perfetti

Medical Examiner on Scene:
Dana Gravaldo
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Murder in Color with be published on Feb. 21st, 2017 from Loose Id.