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4/2/2017 EDIT: THIS STORY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FREE. I will post a link to the complete novel when it is published :) Author Notes still available below.

Warning: This is the fifth story about Roan & Ari and will likely be massively confusing if you haven’t read any of the other stories: (EDIT: Removed Dead Links.) Or, if you’re randy, you can scroll to the second half and just read the sex scene.

Musical Wishes

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence
Short Story-Serial (10500)


For all those located in the US, happy fourth :) For all those outside the US, try to have a good Monday tomorrow!

As for the story, this was the longest section and I thought about breaking it up. I probably should have, but I couldn’t find a good place to do so. However, Ari and Roan are finally together! In the biblical sense, I guess. The next part is the calm before the storm… I figured I’d give them a tiny bit of happy time together before the mayhem erupts.