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Haunt of The Wilds eBook CoverMore unartistic maps!

These maps are primarily of the one country Haunt of the Wilds takes place within. The name Virdaemn refers to the entire plane/world as a whole so it’s a little misleading. The country itself is called Nabia.

This first map is the one I used while writing the story. As you can see, it’s all kinds of messed up. My “pass” into the Empire above the country goes straight into the water, I misspelled Neit Valley and I’m sort of falling off the left side of the page because I didn’t realize I needed more space.

I do that often, actually, since my artistic ability is nil so I tend to guess horribly wrong when visualizing spacing. You should see when I write people’s names on their birthday cards–like a little kid would do, the last couple of letters tend to get squished in.



So, yes, this is Nabia, the country Caliebb is from. I’m sure it has a southern closure, I just never drew it in. Mainly because, as of yet, I’m not sure whether they’re bordered by another country or whether the ocean creates their southern territory line.

These next two photos are to give the impression of how small Nabia is compared to the rest of the countries on the continent. On the left is my amazing rendition of the size differential between the Empire and Nabia, to give an idea of why the Nabian government sometimes does risky things to its own people in order to keep its borders from being claimed by the Empire.

ComparisonSurrounding Countries









On the right is a more complete idea of what the continent looks like. The Empire is supposed to be 2-3x the size as it’s shown. Not only that, but instead of its land spanning north to south as I’ve drawn it, much of it likely spans west to east. The country of Gregor, smaller than drawn, attaches to the Empire’s upper left and has resisted all attempts to be invaded (yay for them). The left side is a mess, but there’s another country situated there on the opposite side of that unnamed bay.

And then, of course, Nabia looking like a square in the bottom right. It’s not a square. I promise. See…

Nabia new

I drew this just for you since my other maps are pretty pathetic. Obviously there’s a lot I haven’t filled in since it wasn’t necessary to the story. And there’s that undrawn bottom again because I don’t know whether it’s an ocean or a country down there. Probably an ocean. It would have to be a difficult shoreline to traverse though since giving Nabia two sides that can be taken advantage of by a large navy would make it less capable of protecting itself.

And here’s the actual important part–a close-up of the western side of Nabia where Haunt of the Wilds mostly takes place.

West Nabia

Yes, I’m fully aware I can’t draw. Please forgive me.

The name Virdaemn stems from Latin just like Nebrae and Moir…since I’m unoriginal. Vir, meaning man/hero. And of course daemon meaning spirit/evil spirit. Virdaemn is the plane where humans originated from in my world. It’s most like ours, with a normal day and one moon. Most of the people in Virdaemn get their talent/ability through training rather than racial genetics.

And there is V for Virdaemn Maps in my A-Z Wilds Duology Challenge. I’m doing a post a day (except Saturdays) filled with teasers for the two novels. Haunt of the Wilds and Song for the Wilds are on preorder now for only .99c.