Got Mail!

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission from the author.

Short Story (Approx. 2500)

He checked the mail late after coming home from work. A box with DO NOT SHAKE written in bright red on every side sat in the back behind the crap news clippers and singular bill.

Jay pulled it out and turned it over, searching for a return address or a logo…or anything. Nothing but the bright handwritten notices and his own address upon the front. He shrugged and put it to his ear, then shook his head at his own worry. A bomb would be heavier. The box felt as if it were empty.

He climbed the steps to his apartment and threw the rest of the mail, bill included, into the trash. Then he grabbed a steak knife, sliced through the tape and pulled the flaps open.

“Good afternoon,” chirped the tiny woman.

Jay almost dropped the box, barely managing to slip it onto the counter as his hands shook from the aftershock of a surge of adrenaline.

The woman, clad in a tight blue tube dress, leaned her arms over the edge of one of the packing balloons. It dimpled under her elbows. Though he could only see the top half of her clearly, she looked to be about the length of his hand.

“Good afternoon,” he said, brushing off the shock he felt. “And who might you be and why were you in my mailbox?”

She shrugged, the motion dainty in her smallness. “Well, a friend of yours thought you could use me. Said you’ve been much too busy lately and needed some relaxing.” She lifted her hands outward. “So, here I am.”

He gave her a light smile, then put a finger out to help her out of the box. Stepping up, she popped one of the packing balloons with her pumps and almost fell. Her shriek filled his kitchen and yet didn’t carry any further as he caught her easily and lifted her onto the counter. There she immediately paused to adjust her dress, then slipped the pumps off her feet, her toes wiggling in their newfound freedom.

“There,” she said. “Much better. I doubt you’d want me to be wearing them anyway.” She smiled up at him, shoulder length blonde hair folding around her face.

“Whatever makes you comfortable,” he said. Suddenly, as if who he was speaking to finally registered, Jay pinched himself. The blonde haired woman still stood before him, her tiny chest pushing out of the top of her dress. Maybe he was just tired and needed to go to bed. Yes, that sounded right. He’d been late at the office all this week and needed to catch up on his sleep. But though he blinked, the woman didn’t disappear.

“Right?” she asked again, as if it weren’t the for the first time.

“I’m sorry?” he asked.

She sighed, the motion causing her chest to stretch against her dress. “I can see why they sent me to you. You’re in some need, my man. Come.” She stretched out a hand as if he could take it.

He put both hands upon the counter so she could step upon him and lifted her up, closer to face level.

“Better,” she said.

This close he saw she had a very round face with the type of expressions that made it known she often smiled. An attractive smile, a teasing smile, and she had a body to match her face. Sleek under the dress, her legs long…for her size at least.

“My name is Mandy.” She gave a very tiny curtsy, the dress making it difficult to do anything more. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Jay. Shall we?” One of her hands went around the back of her dress and tugged upon the zipper seductively.

He lifted an eyebrow and tried not to laugh. “You’re a bit…small for me, Mandy, though I appreciate the thought.”

“Oh?” she asked. “And pray tell, how often have you had a brownie upon your cock?”

“Well…I. Never,” he said. “I think I’m a little big, sweetie.”

She rolled her eyes. “That’s what they all say.” Then she laughed to show she wasn’t being mean. “Take me where you’ll be comfortable then and I’ll show you what I can do.”

He shrugged and moved into his bedroom. Slowly, not wanting to tip her from his hands. And, taking his shoes off, he slipped onto the bed and sat back against the pillows. “Now what?” he asked.

“Now,” she said. “You put me down.”

Jay did, setting Mandy down gently upon the bed. She immediately scrambled closer, her bare feet making it easier for her to gain purchase on the soft comforter. She used his belt loops to climb up him and slipped to her knees his middle.

“Do you mind?” she asked, rapping her knuckles against the button. “I can do it, but it annoys me.”

He humored her and watched in fascination as she took hold of his zipper and pulled it downward with her whole body, walking back, her feet stepping upon his cock. The feeling was different from that of a woman’s singular hand rubbing him, almost sexier in that Mandy wasn’t yet trying to be sexy.

Or maybe she was and simply excelled better than others he’d been with, being sexy without seeming to try. She crawled back up and lifted the flap of his pants away, finding the hole in his boxers and sliding her feet inside. Her soles were tiny pricks of warmth against his cock, rubbing gently back and forth.

Jay swallowed and closed his eyes. It had been a long time. He had a tendency to chase women away, not through anything specific he did other than spend too much time away at the office, and the suddenness of Mandy’s arrival and overtures made him want her.

Want her and yet he knew very well that even to attempt to would kill her.

“Jay,” said Mandy.

“Hmm?” he said.


He opened his eyes to watch her stand, balancing upon his semi-hard cock. She sucked in a breath and held it, her chest stretching outward again, then she used a hand to unzip the back of her dress, the sound surprisingly loud though the zipper was only a fraction of the size his own had been.

She ran a hand through her hair, flicking it across her shoulders, before moving to ease the dress down her body. Jay felt his heart speed up as her breasts were released from confinement, nipples tiny and dark. He wanted to taste her, to suck on her, but didn’t reach out, not wanting to hurt her.

As the dress dropped lower, Mandy turned, letting him have a profile view of her butt. A shapely ass, one he’d love to grab and pull against him. Just the image of her ass rubbing against his cock made him fully hard and wanting. A tiny part of him felt a bit of frustration leak into his mind. She was a tease, a straight-up tease, though she didn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body.

Dress gone, kicked off onto the comforter beside him, Mandy slipped down further inside his boxers. Jay felt her legs wrap around him and squeeze. He gasped and pushed down his pants and then his boxers so he could see her.

She gave him a grin and stuck a finger in her mouth. Then she ran it down the small section of his cock before her as she squeezed her legs together again. The muscles on her thighs tightened as she did so, her stomach flattening in a decidedly beautiful manner.

Without thinking, Jay put a finger out and gently ran it down her body, feeling her breast bounce, the tiny sharpness of her nipple and the softness of her stomach. He stopped between her thighs and then dropped his hand in frustration.

“I really don’t see how this will work.”

Mandy laughed. The sound rang out in his bedroom, as if the TV was on low, a murmur had he been in another room. “Jay, Jay. You are definitely tired, my man. You’ve lost the ability to be creative, to imagine.”

Then she lurched backwards until her body lay flat upon his cock. Her hair tickled as she rubbed her head. She arched her back and he caught a glistening on the outside of her vagina that made him swallow. Then she twisted over in an expert flip, her tiny ass sticking up in the air for a moment.

She wrapped her arms around his cock, her face pressed against him. Then her legs dropped around him again, mimicking the motion she’d done earlier. Mandy put the soles of her feet against his cock and pushed upwards, as if she were climbing a tree, which seemed about accurate considering the size difference.

Then Jay stopped thinking about the differences of scale and simple felt. She pushed upwards and slid back down, her body a length of warmth, her hair flowing over his cock as she moved. Her vagina left a wet track upon his penis, a tiny streak compared with what he was used to, but in that it almost seemed even more, knowing how much it meant leaked from her.

Slowly, Mandy seemed to work her way up, her arms squeezing, then her legs, alternating in a pulsating motion that made Jay’s balls tense. Her tongue left even smaller streaks than her vagina did, and yet the wet touch sent a wave a pleasure through him all the way to his toes.

God, it’d truly been a long time. The little woman worked his cock better than most of the women he’d been with. Maybe all of them.

Mandy arched backwards, her breasts lifting from him until only the tiny pinpricks of her nipples grazed against him. Jay lifted his finger again, stroking down her back, over her soft round butt, dipping between her legs to feel how wet she was. His finger barely fit, barely felt the outside folds of her.

Mandy gyrated her ass against his finger, rubbing against him seductively. “Now you’re using your imagination, my man.”

He laughed, the sound partially catching in his throat. Then Mandy pushed herself upwards even further along his cock and his finger came away wet, a miniscule trickle tracking through a groove in his finger. His eyes tried to follow it as it eased into his skin.

A sudden sensation upon the head of his cock made his eyes jerk away with a half-gasp escaping his mouth. Mandy gave a low chuckle as she ran her hand gently across his head, pulling him open enough his pre-cum leaked down onto her. He felt her chest slicken, moving more easily over him.

He wrapped his hand around the bottom of his cock, directly under her ass, and starting to stroke in small motions. With every lift of his fist, he pushed her ass up and down, her legs draping to either side of his hand, feet running against his skin, making it tingle.

Her hair flowed over the top of her back as she twisted her head around to give him a soft smile, lips parted slightly, obviously in enjoyment. Then she turned back and licked upwards against him, mouth and fingers working over his head, covering him with wet kisses and soft caresses. Her little body, nipples so hard he could feel their prick against him, rubbed tightly against him with every stroke he made.

Her ass tightened for a moment, and Jay imagined what it’d be larger, large enough to handle him completely. He could almost feel how tight she’d be, imagined it as Mandy started moving faster along his length, using his hand to gain real purchase with her feet. He sped his strokes up to match hers, just as he’d have done had he been within her depths instead of her entire body wrapped about him.

Taking his opposite hand, he ran his finger along her back, across her ass, then back up through her hair as she rode his cock. Mandy arched backwards against him until he could feel nothing but the tips of her nipples. More leaked from his head and she used a hand to spread it underneath her little body, running it sensually against her stomach, her legs .

The sight made him moan and he sped up, feeling her ass bump against him harder and harder. She didn’t complain, only passed him another quick smile before wrapping her arms around him again as if to hold on for her life.

When he came, she held fingers within the spray, letting it catch upon her hand and streak down her arm. He barely noticed as his balls spasmed strongly and he struggled to retain a semblance of control so that he wouldn’t crush her tiny body to his.

In the next moment he could see her body shiver against him, hear her soft groan, feel the outside of her vagina pulse against his finger. He rubbed her ass hard with his thumb as he rocked her back and forth against his knuckle, letting her orgasm complete.

When she gasped and shivered in relief, collapsing into a pile of satisfied exhaustion, he caught her gently and laid her against his chest. Mandy curled up, hand outstretched to stroke his skin, her fingers somehow causing his cock to stay hard despite his release.

“You’re not half bad once you open your imagination up a little,” said Mandy, giving him a lazy, contented smile.

“Oh? I get props for getting a miniature vagina to feel good?”

She shrugged, shoulders rubbing against his skin. “Most don’t bother to try. I appreciate it.”

“I’m glad I could please,” said Jay, surprised that it was more than the truth. He needed time to relax, to get away from the problems at work, the people he had to deal with on a constant basis, but that wasn’t all. He needed to be doing something that stretched his imagination from the constraints he put on it every day. Mandy had more than amply supplied that need.

“Maybe I’ll stay longer than I’d originally planned.” She rolled over, kicked her feet up behind her. The sight of her cleavage, now gleaming and quite sticky with drying fluids, sent another signal to his cock. It twitched in anticipation.

“I’d like that,” he murmured. “I’d like even more to discover how many ways we can make this work between the two of us.”

“Oh,” said Mandy, the corner of her mouth twisting up in a coy half-smile. “I can think of plenty of ways to make you moan, my man.”

The End