I’m a writer. That means I sit around and make shit up. Sometimes, though, I get knocked down.

I’ve recently been spreading my wings a little bit and trying out some indie publishing (under a different name) along with my normal traditional submissions. I’d just about gotten my stride, smiling to myself, wiping the sweat from my brow and thinking “Hey, I’m getting the hang of this” when my computer decided to contract a nasty virus. Actually, it was more like a million viruses.

All the files with my finalized uploaded indie publications were deleted, along with all the cover files. Talk about depressing. Needless to say…I cried.

Now it might sound a little bit worse than it was. I have all the original copies of the stories. I have the first edited copies of the stories. And I have access (obviously) to all the files via places such as Smashwords. My frustration is the sudden disappearance of alot of work. Work I’d spent countless hours on, trying to make sure my stories were as error-free as possible.

On top of that, I’d created my covers completely myself. Every little bit about them. So when I suddenly lost those gimp files giving me the ability to manipulate them, I was devastated.

This happened a few days ago and my mind had been going crazy since. Thoughts all over the place. The feelings of uselessness and frustration of my failure to back up those files. (Luckily I have backups of a lot of the other stories I had saved on there, so my subbing can go on uninterrupted.)

So, I needed something to keep my mind off the frail career I’ve been attempting to slowly build. And here it is.

I love fantasy and science fiction. And I love fantasy-erotica and science fiction-erotica. I simply hadn’t been focusing on writing it recently.

This depressing episode has changed that. Oh, I’ll still be writing all my other planned work, but I’ve decided I need something that is solely for fun. No self-imposed deadlines. No long-ass serious submission tracker list. No caring. And best of all, no censoring.

So I’ve started this website, this blog, with the intention of having fun…now I’m going to get to creating something sexy.